Symphony Partner Network


What is the Network

The Symphony product is able to bring the complete healthcare network into harmony. It allows for the healthcare entities to not only work together to share information, but also grow their patient base with Symphony patient users that have the need and want to have their healthcare involved with the Symphony solution.

Physician Network

By joining the Physician network a Physician will not only get unlimited access to the Live-Med treatment toolset and complete patient result portal, but they will also get access to the larger Symphony patient base. Many of the Symphony users who use the product will interpret these results in care of a Physician as well as develop a long term treatment care relationship with them. As part of this network Physicians will be the go to source for network source referrals. 

Pharmacy Network

When joining the Pharmacist Network a Pharmacist will also receive access to the complete Live-Med Diagnostics tool set for each participating patient and result portal, that will allow them to serve an ever critical missing part of the patient treatment care process. A patient in many cases will have multiple doctors but usually only one pharmacy. These pharmacists are left having to rectify and organize a complex incomplete picture of a patient with many variables, this is where the Symphony Network is here to help. With the complete Medication Management platform as new prescriptions come in from multiple sources the tool will not only help in analyzing the drug to drug effect, but will also help give the look inside to a patient's genetic susceptibility to the treatment plan. 

Pharmacy partners will also receive the added benefit, after a PGX test is run, of access to Live-Med an interactive tool showing real-time data on how a patient will react to new medications. This  allows a pharmacist to respond to patient questions on how new medications and treatments will effect their care picture. This is where our network partners will have the benefit of potentially sourcing new patients from healthcare professionals where they can not only get prescriptions filled but also be involved in their evolving treatment picture.   

Hospital and Point of Care Network

In completing the healthcare picture, point of care facilities and hospitals serve a vital role in the treatment of a patient. Many times these institutions are responsible for treating a patient in their largest time of need as well as understanding that a patient and their history is key for effective treatment. As being part of the partner network these facilities will not only get a real time complete picture of the patient's medication, but also a complete detailed look at how they will react genetically to treatment paths. Giving these healthcare professionals an extra tool in their treatment process. Based on this coordination with other participating partners the Symphony Network will see an influx in new patient activities and patients will want their care process to stay involved with the Symphony Care Plan.   


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Pay Per Click Model

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