Our History


Why Atlas

  Testing, Healthcare Products, Wound Care Management, Healthcare IT, Lab Management, and Health Care Staffing are evolving fields that have tangible value to the end customer and all parts of the supply chain. These fields are full of “noise” and products that either do not possess any real value to the customer, or improve the process.  

 Atlas Health Service was started and based in Fort Worth, TX. Created in 2016, Atlas has assembled a group of medical professionals and advisors throughout the supply chain to evaluate, critique, vet, and recommend products that will help and positively affect the healthcare picture.  

 In order to do this effectively, Atlas believes that compliance and regulation must be at their core. For this reason, Atlas does not market or sell products to market participants. Atlas feels this would cloud our ability to be impartial to our client base. Therefore, Atlas works as a highly restrictive distributor. Each of our sales partners go through an intense vetting, training, regulatory, and certification process before they are able to distribute on behalf of Atlas Health Service.