Simplified Report with Actionable Intelligence

Historically, the problem in the PGX market space is that a report meant nothing to the healthcare professional, except in a rare occurrence. You either needed to have a degree in genetics or, only be after translation data for any report to be effective. With Symphony's Live-Med product this is different, we produce a report that a physician can look at and decipher pertinent information from in just 15-20 seconds on the first page. Live-Med is the first true Precision Comprehensive Medication Reconciliation tool on the market integrating lab values, medications, genetics, OTC, for adverse events or non-therapeutic effectiveness.  

Enough With the Past We Need a Way To Look Ahead

Other products in the market only give you a limited view of what has happened. They do not give you a solution to have the healthcare professional be able to work on medication plans that are forward looking for the patient. Live-Med makes this possible with Real Time Prescription Results. Once the initial test is run, medication changes and paths can be run in real-time against genetic and drug results. Not having to wait 30- 45 days like our competitors.

Symphony Puts the Power Back Into the Heatlhcare Professional's Hands

One Platform One Home- Allows providers to not only see drug-drug interactions but also gene-drug results of current medication interactions on one simple platform. This feature can integrate with EMR, MTM, Chronic Care Management Platform, etc.

Interested in Live-Med

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