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Interested in joining the Atlas Health Service Distributor Network? Please take the time to understand and become part of the Atlas Health Service Network and the rigorous vetting process. The relationship structure that we have built with our client groups through trust of the Atlas name and all partners associated with it is something that cannot be put in jeopardy in any instance. Therefore, once you express interest in the link below, a business development manager will reach out to you and interview you on your company’s interest level, targeted sales areas, and company information. This is all forwarded on to our legal and compliance department to vet, research, and arrange the correct distributor agreements. Once this is done you and your reps will enroll in our cutting-edge compliance and sales CRM. When products are opened up to you and your team you will get an imbedded learning management course and education plan that will enable you to learn and certify your understanding of the market, the product, the benefit, the compliance, and the regulator parameter. You will have the full resources of the Atlas Team at your disposal to bring the best products to the market space.  

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